DryPol® 30m
DryPol® 30m

DryPol® 30m

  • Contactless drying and insulation
  • Buildings up to 20m x 20m (400m2)
  • 10 years free servicing
  • Price 1393 EUR incl. VAT
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Garance vrácení peněz
No dust and dirt
Just plug in the Drypol and life in the building can carry on as normal.
Fair prices
Our mission is to be an affordable solution for every household.
10 years free servicing
We'll make sure your equipment operates flawlessly.
PriceFocus and installationWarranty and Complaints

The DryPol® system is truly affordable

The device price/value ratio is more than favourable. The device installation price is not even a fraction of that of other technologies like undercutting and its mutations, including chemical grouting.

The prices are final and include both device installation and professional moisture measurement in your building, labour and transport.

DryPol® system measuring is fast

Before installation, we measure the masonry moisture levels and enter the values in the contract. We guarantee a significant reduction in masonry dampness in your property with the DryPol® system within three years.

Or we will refund the price of the masonry drying system you purchased from us.

10-year warranty for the DryPol® system

The DryPol® system warranty certificate gives you a 10-year guarantee of free device servicing from the date of purchase in the event of a fault in the device at any time during this period.

The manufacturer guarantees free device servicing for the duration of the DryPol® warranty.

NOTE: Please note that before you install the device yourself, it is first necessary to determine the cause of masonry dampness. If the natural physical phenomenon known as capillary moisture causes dampness in your building, then the DryPol® masonry moisture remover will be effective. However, if the walls are damp due to other effects, typically pressure water or rainwater drainage, DryPol® will not work.

DryPol® 30m

Price of DryPol® 30m

Device installation by the customer

For buildings up to 400 m²
- max. 20 m x 20 m (side x side)

1393 €1151 € bez DPHInquiry
  • DryPol system + accessories
  • transport cost will be calculated additionally
  • A 10-year guarantee of free service

Download installation manual

Installing the DryPol® system is not complicated - you can do it yourself and save money.
The warranty is the same - 10 years free service.
If you purchase a DryPol® system with self-installation (customer installation), a technician visit is no longer available! The self-installation price is reduced by subtracting the cost of the technician’s visit, professional measurement of the building, and transport.

Comparison between electroosmosis and other
insulation methods

Chemická injektáž
Chemical injection
  • suitable for small local cases
  • construction work on the building required
  • high price
  • addresses moisture issues only where it is applied
DryPol® 30m
DryPol® 30m / 50m
  • no construction work on the building
  • affordable
  • removes dampness throughout the building
  • less suitable for small, localised cases (e.g. a damp corner)
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Podřezání pilou
Undercutting with a saw
  • suitable with complete reconstruction
  • construction work on the building required
  • high price
  • addresses moisture issues only where it is applied

DryPol® system in action

Electronic drying and permanent insulation of damp masonry DryPol system
DryPol system - electronic drying and permanent insulation of damp masonry buildings

FAQ about Drypol®

Where is the DryPol® masonry dryer installed?

The DryPol® masonry drying device is always installed in the centre of the building to ensure its range (30 m or 50 m depending on type) covers all parts and corners of the building.

Where the building is “L” shaped, we install the electro-physical masonry dryer in the corner of the building.

If other buildings on the customer’s land are within range of the DryPol® masonry dryer, these can also be dried and permanently insulated as long as the device is installed in a suitable location. The effect of the DryPol® masonry dryer works on all masonry with proper foundations, which also means the bases of fences within range of the device.

If the building has a basement, we install the masonry drying device in the centre of the basement. If there is only a smaller cellar, we install the masonry drying device in the centre of the ground floor as soil is an insulator and the signal generated by the masonry dryer will not penetrate through it.

Is the Drypol® system expensive?

If you own a damp building, meaning if your building is affected by capillary rising damp and you want to dry the masonry and resolve the problem, you only have three basic options:

  1. Remove the moisture by undercutting
  2. Remove the rising damp using chemical grouting
  3. Dry the damp masonry with subsequent permanent electronic waterproofing of the building using an electro-physical method

Let’s take a look at these techniques for removing moisture from the walls of a building purely from the price perspective. We are not saying that 1.694 EUR to 1.815 EUR for a DryPol® system is small change, but compare the approximate prices yourself:

  • Undercutting a building affected by damp: undercutting a whole building, including interior walls, costs on average CZK 150 000 or more.
  • Chemical grouting in the walls: chemical grouting for a whole building, including interior walls, costs around CZK 100 000 or more.
  • The DryPol® system: without any construction work in the building, meaning without any significant structural interventions, you get a dry ground floor including the interior walls, upper floors, flooring, cellars, flooring in the cellars, and reduced moisture levels in the foundations, savings on heating bills and reduced radon in the air in the building. All this for a final price of between 1.694 EUR and 1.815 EUR incl. VAT and the related services.

The DryPol® system guarantees significantly increased comfort because the building will be dry. It is also clear that when a property needs to be sold, the selling price for a dry building is much higher and it will be much easier to attract buyers.

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DryPol® 30m
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Experiences of our clients

Dear all, your DryPol machine works and works well! The cooperation with Mr. Novotny before, during and after the installation was excellent, thank you! Have a nice day and be healthy!

Pavel Göth
DryPol® 30m

Dear all, thank you for the installation of your device and the professional approach of Mr. Douša. Best regards and have a nice day.

Vladimír Konrád
DryPol® 30m
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