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About Drypol

The DryPol® system for removing masonry moisture


We provide a written guarantee for the permanent drying of your building to values listed in building standards!

We also provide a 15-year guarantee for free servicing of the DryPol® system device - free repair or replacement of the device, while the customer pays for the transport from the company registered office (if required) according to applicable tariffs or agreement.

All the warranties indicated here are valid for both professional installation of the DryPol® system by the company and for installation by the customer.

We provide free and non-binding professional inspections of buildings anywhere in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Garance vrácení peněz
No dust and dirt
Just plug in the Drypol and life in the building can carry on as normal.
Fair prices
Our mission is to be an affordable solution for every household.
10 years free servicing
We'll make sure your equipment operates flawlessly.

Causes and phenomena of damp buildings

In the absence of ground insulation (for whatever reason), a physical phenomenon takes place in the building professionally known as "capillary rising damp" (hereinafter only "rising damp"). This rising damp is responsible for the damp and unsightly salt maps on walls and façades, falling plaster, and often increased air humidity in apartments and other parts of the building.

The increased air humidity is often accompanied by the formation of mould on walls, at windows and in corners, and also condensation on windows. Mineral salts are also drawn up by capillary action. These both enable the whole capillary process and also cause damage to plaster and façades - white maps on wall surfaces, salt crystals on masonry surfaces, falling plaster and façade damage. 

Life in such buildings becomes uncomfortable and even unhealthy due to the frequent occurrence of mould. During the heating season, the damp and cold walls cause higher heat loss, thermal discomfort in the home, and higher costs for heating the damp building. Damp rising from the subsoil into a building is also commonly associated with an increased concentration of hazardous radon, which evaporates together with the damp and binds to dust particles which are then continuously breathed in by the building inhabitants or users. The building also suffers static damage - healthy masonry should contain moisture levels as determined by applicable standards.

Is there a solution to rising damp?

The good news is that today, thanks to advanced electronics, computers and electroosmosis, we can offer all owners of damp buildings a unique, proven, elegant and affordable solution. If you live in the building, you will certainly want to avoid mechanical methods of additional insulation such as undercutting masonry, the insertion of steel plates or chemical grouting.

Effective, relatively cheap and, most importantly, without any construction work - this is the solution provided by the electronic DryPol® system device, which is a radio pulse emitter working on the principle of electroosmosis. The water molecules in the masonry are polarised and then capillary action forces the dampness back into the ground under the building from where it came. This is completely safe as regards everything else in the building!

Our technical specialists, or you yourself, can install the device in your building and thus start the successful process of drying and permanently insulating the damp masonry of your building. Within a relatively short time, the DryPol® system device will dry and permanently insulate the building, meaning the whole ground floor, upper floors, flooring, cellars and foundations at the same time in a single process by polarising the damp in the walls. DryPol will help you dry the masonry using electroosmosis and rid the building of mould.

No user of our device need worry about the future of their building as we provide a 15-year warranty covering free device servicing (with a warranty certificate) and a written contract on the achievement of final low moisture levels in your masonry.

We have been manufacturing and innovating this device for over 10 years, and over this time have performed over 6 800 successful installations.

We present to you a unique Czech product – the electronic DryPol® system device. Contactless masonry drying and insulation – the DryPol® system device dries and permanently insulates masonry in any type of building that has lost its ground insulation due to age or when insulation against rising damp was never installed in the first place.

One DryPol® system device can dry and permanently insulate a whole building with a floor plan of up to 30 m x 30 m  (side x side). The area effect of the device means the drying and permanent insulation effect works concurrently on the ground floor of the building, cellars, upper floors, flooring and foundations, bringing moisture levels down to those specified in building standards. If your building is not larger than 30 m x 30 m, a single DryPol® system device installed in the centre of the building is sufficient to insulate the whole building. The DryPol® system can be installed without any construction work or any restrictions on use of the building, offering a clean, high-quality and economic solution without any mess or damage to anything in the building.

The DryPol® system is a Czech computer-controlled electronic product, fully tested and certified by the Electrotechnical Testing Institute of the Czech Republic for use throughout the EU. It works on all types of building materials, including their combinations in a building. We are continuously developing and improving the DryPol® system. We have been in the market for over 12 years and already have more than 6 800 successful installations to our credit. The DryPol® systém is a fully proven and functional device that offers a written guarantee that it reliably dries and permanently insulates buildings affected by capillary rising damp.

  • DryPol® system = an electronic device for drying and permanently insulating buildings. It is a performance and technology leader in both the Czech Republic and Europe = CZECH PRODUCT!
  • DryPol® system = electronic insulation for buildings through the polarisation of damp in masonry – it dries and insulates the ground floor, cellars, upper floors, flooring and foundations of a building at the same time.
  • DryPol® system = the computer-controlled DryPol® system device is a highly effective piece of equipment with all valid certificates as regards its performance and operation.
  • DryPol® system = 12 years in the market – more than 6 800 successful installations!
  • DryPol® system is extremely suitable for drying and permanently waterproofing older buildings thanks to its non-destructive drying technology.  
  • We provide unbeatable guarantees for the drying results and free device servicing – see below.


The DryPol® system device is a low-power radio pulse emitter. The output of the DryPol® system device is safe as regards everything else in the building, whether people, animals or other equipment! It does not interfere with radio, television, mobile networks or Wi-Fi. The DryPol® system is powered from a 18 V/1300 mA adapter with power consumption of 7 W. Under continuous operation, electricity consumption is around CZK 300 per year! The device is silent in operation. It is fully automatic and usually does not require any attention from the user. After a power outage, the device simply restarts and continues working. The DryPol® system is certified by the Electrotechnical Testing Institute of the Czech Republic for operation throughout the EU.

DryPol® system - WARRANTIES

- No user of our device need worry about the future of their building as we provide a 15-year warranty covering free device servicing (with a warranty certificate) and a written contract on the achievement of final low moisture levels in your masonry. 
- Request a specimen of the written contract either by e-mail: or by telephone through our toll-free line: +420 800 212 800.

DryPol® system - PRICE

The DryPol® system is extremely affordable. The price/value ratio of the device is more than favourable. The price for device installation is not even a fraction of the price of other techniques like undercutting and its mutations, including chemical grouting.
The listed prices are final and include device installation as well as professional moisture measurement in your building, labour and transport. 

DryPol® system - ADVANTAGES

  • A single DryPol® system device can dry and permanently insulate a whole building
  • The area effect of the device ensures a dry and insulated ground floor, cellars, upper floors, flooring, and foundations at the same time
  • Installation without any construction work – so no mess or damage to anything else in the building
  • Elimination of possible harmful radon in the building. Free radon level measuring is available. Please contact us.
  • Written guarantees for the drying results + 15-year guarantee of free servicing
  • Safe for everything in the building with electricity consumption of only around CZK 300/year under continuous operation
  • The contactless DryPol® system is a modern and high-quality technology for drying and insulating damp masonry and damp structures in general 

DryPol® system - SERVICES

  • We provide free and non-binding professional consultation on buildings anywhere in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – place orders for consultation on our toll-free line: +420 800 212 800
  • We perform building material moisture measurements and assessments of the overall condition of buildings
  • We perform thermal scanning of buildings – heat leaks, moisture sources, roofs, apartments and cellars


  • Wherever unwanted dampness rises into a building from the foundations/ground
  • On the ground floor and in cellars, which it dries and permanently insulates at the same time, including upper floors and flooring
  • In cellars under insulation, the device works reliably even where the building is already insulated (undercutting, grouting)!
  • DryPol® system devices are effective against capillary rising damp


  • When the building is new (horizontally insulated) or if it has new above-ground insulation (insulation age up to around 10 years). 
  • In cases of sudden flooding (the masonry does not contain capillaries). NOTE! Flooding creates capillary action over time!
  • Where there is condensation dampness or thermal bridges (please contact us for solutions to these problems)
  • A masonry dryer cannot be used to stop pressurised water (permanently or occasionally flowing or dripping water)
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