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Drying price

We provide written guarantees

  • 10 years of free servicing for your DryPol® system device
  • The guarantees apply for installation of the DryPol® system device by us and if you install it yourself

Device installation by the customer

The price includes:

  • A digital, computer-controlled DryPol® system device + accessories
  • Transport, overhead costs, installation materials – we will send the DryPol® system device cash-on-delivery by PPL

DryPol® system devices are supplied with a 100% full warranty for 10 years of free servicing! Simple device installation with a pictorial installation manual and masonry moisture measuring using equipment you have at home – information about your masonry moisture levels at any time! We will send the device by a carrier cash-on-delivery to the customer’s address.


Price excl. VAT 21%

VAT 21%

Final price

DryPol® system 30m

CZK 27 000   

CZK 5 670  

CZK 32 670

DryPol® system 50m

CZK 28 500
Discount price

CZK 6 405

CZK 34 485
Discount price

You can install the DryPol® system providing masonry moisture removal and permanent waterproofing of your building yourself and save money

DryPol® system CUSTOMER INSTALLATION PROGRAMME = Installation of the DryPol® system device for drying masonry and subsequently permanently waterproofing a building performed by the customer without a technician, meaning a professionally certified assembly company.

  • If you use the DryPol system customer installation programme, a visit by a technician is not possible!
  • If you have a visit from a professionally certified assembly company, it is no longer possible to request the customer installation programme or you will have to pay the travelling and labour costs for the technician. The reduced device price in the customer installation programme is only possible because no technician travels to the customer!
  • DryPol® system devices for the customer installation programme are delivered with a 100% full warranty of 10 years free servicing.
  • Zero risk when you use a DryPol® system device – Czech certificate from the Electrotechnical Testing Institute for the whole of the EU!
  • If you purchase a DryPol® system device under the customer installation programme, you are solely responsible for using the DryPol® system device in accordance with its design and for assessing the suitability of the use of DryPol® system technology in your building – meaning the use of the system for drying DAMP masonry affected by capillary rising damp. 
  • The DryPol® systém meets European safety standards!
  • We recommend carefully studying the options for the use and application of DryPol® system devices and, if you have any questions, please contact us for consultation by calling: +420 774 765 501 or +420 777 150 142, or the following TOLL-FREE LINE IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC: +420 800 212 800. You can also send photographs of any parts of your building affected by rising damp to:
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